I knew the brand but I had never tried it. The first test has been very favorable.
Myriam Gomez

I have been making breakfasts for days, with some raw, scalded, vegetable protein and I am accompanying them with Oil. I like it because it maintains the flavors of each food and is very soft on the palate.

It has already arrived, hmmmm how good. I could not resist and just opened it I tried it with bread, alone, Delicious!
Purificacion Lopez

I am also very happy with the oil! This morning I made a tasting with my friends. I have taken some pates made with oil and other organic ingredients. It has been a success! I've even seen how it 'they were fighting' over the bottle! We had to do 'line'!
Trini Vigil

It's a luxury. I've tried it raw and it's very good, with that bitter touch. I tried it on the toast with tomato in the morning and I liked it a lot.
Javier Crespo

An oil with the guarantee of its ecological cultivation is a real joy.

Excellent taste! it's great!!!!
Lourdes Prat

We have already made the first toast with the oil received... and it is a delight!
Esther Montero