Elaboration of artisanal extra virgin olive oil

  • Reception of the olives once collected from the trees and transported in boxes to keep them safe. Then they are passed through the washing line to remove any occasional impurities.
  • They are then weighed and taken to the warehouse silos, for later grinding with granite stones.
Olives reception
Olive reception conveyor
General view of the mill
General view of the mill
  • Inside the house of Oliflix, is the heart of our craft, the granite stone mill, a key element in the production of extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.
  • The mill is made up of 3 large conical stones that rotate at a speed of 13 turns per minute.
  • Once the olives have been crushed, the paste is placed in a blender for subsequent preparation for pressing.
  • The whole process is done cold.
Granite stones
Granite stones
Olive paste
The olive paste is distributed evenly
  • The crushed olive paste is distributed evenly on top of the baskets to promote a uniform pressing.
  • When we manage to reach the maximum height of the superposition of the baskets and the mass of the olives, it is time to introduce it into the hydraulic press.
  • This is the final step in overlapping the coffins and the pulp of the crushed olives.
  • From the pressing results the olive juice, the extra virgin olive oil.
Oli sorgit artesanalment.
The artisanal oil emerges.
Decanting deposits for natural settling of the oil
Decanting deposits for natural settling of the oil
Hydraulic press - year 1941
Hydraulic press - year 1941
  • The Oily Must resulting from the press is channeled into these piles and/or settling basins.
  • This liquid is made up of vegetable water from the olive itself (alpechin) and oil. They are separated due to the difference in density:
    - Oil 0,916 / Alpechin 1,052 - The result is that the oil floats because it is lighter and water stays at the bottom. This is due to the difference in density.
  • This is the final result of all the elaboration process of our oil.
  • Enjoy this beautiful ancient craftsmanship at home, enjoy the oliflix artisanal extra virgin olive oil.

  • Note: All the electrical energy used in the mill and in all the production of the oil is certified as renewable energy.
oil at rest
Fresh made extra virgin olive oil at rest